Christmas is the feast of the birth of Jesus Christ celebrated on 25th December. It is celebrated by a large number of people Christian and non-Christian. Christmas is celebrated all over the world as the day when Jesus Christ was born, we celebrate his coming into this world, but at the same time Christmas symbolizes a very deep significant truth of spiritual life. It is the feast of love, joy, happiness and sharing. Jesus Christ is in reality the personification of divinity. The birth of Lord Jesus happened at a time when ignorance, greed, superstition, hatred prevailed on earth. Purity and morality was forgotten and neglected. Christ was born and he actually transformed the lives of people. He gave a new spiritual turn to people’s lives. The great sacrifice of the son and the on earth. The great sacrifice of the son and the love that he has given us. God come to be one of us, God came to save us, Glory to the god in the highest!

The biblical message of Christmas appropriately presented captures the imagination and hearts of children everywhere. Christmas can also be a part of knowledge to the children. Why God came in this way is a part of the mystery of Christ? Christmas offers parents and children's ministry workers a wonderful opportunity to share Jesus. This can be done by enacting the Christmas decorations can serve as teachable moments for children. An evergreen Christmas tree can be a captivating illustration that Jesus is eternal life. Lights on the tree illustrate that Jesus is the light to world.

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