1. In order to assess the progress of each student three examinations are conducted in a year.

    2. There will be weekly tests and other assesmets conducted on a regular basis whose total would make 20% marks of a term.

    3. Due disciplinary action to the extent of dismissal will be taken against students found using unfair means in any examination.

    4. In sickness, leave will be sanctioned by the Principal after due verification when application is submitted along with the medical certificate on the day of the examination. In an academic year medical leave will be sanctioned only once. Re-examination will not be conducted.

    5. If a student absents himself from the examination, the average marks obtained by him in the academic year will be calculated taking into account number of examinations held and not those in which he has appeared.

    6. The results are communicated to the parents by means of progress report after every examination. Parents are required to collect it on time. They are requested to sign and return it to the school within three days of issue.

    7. Undue delay in returning the progress report or returning it with forged signature are liable to be punished.

    8. The failure to collect Progress Report on time will be considered as gross negligence from the part of Parents/Guardians.

    9. Students must keep record of all the marks in the school diary for the reference purpose.


    1. Students should come in full school uniform every day.

    2. If any student is unable to appear for the exam owing to illness, the application for medical leave should be submitted to the Principal on the day of the Examination. Such application will not be accepted after completion of the Examinations.

    3. Defaulters of school fees are not allowed to appear for the exam without the special permission of the Principal.

    4. If any mistake is detected in the question paper, it should be brought to the notice of the invigilator. If the mistake hasn't been rectified, Principal/Vice-principal should be informed about it, immediately after the exam.

    5. No separate sheets will be provided for ROUGH WORK. Rough work may be done on the last page of the main answer sheet.

    6. Students are not allowed to move about in the exam hall. Additional sheets will be given by the teachers.

    7. Students are not permitted to share scale, rubber, Instrument box etc.

    8. Before the commencement of exam on each day students are advised to check the pockets and desks and ensure that no objectionable materials are in their possession.

    9. Students are required to remain silent from the moment they enter the exam hall till they go out of it.

    10. Students may keep their school bags in side the class rooms in an appropriate place and be responsible for its safety.

    11. The writing pads brought to the exam hall should not have anything written on them.

    12. Students should write the Class and Roll no. on the question papers and nothing else should be written on the question papers.

    13. It is compulsory for the students to be present on the First two working days after examination. Any clarification regarding the marks has to be made before the submission of the mark list in the office. Correction in marks will not be entertained after the preparation of the Progress Report.


    1. Informations about Home works, Class tests and other assignments will be iconveyed to the students in the class by the subject teacher concerned.

    2. The students are expected to make note of the informations given in the class in the diary with date.


    1. The promotions are decided by the Examination Committee at the end of the academic session. It is made on the basis of the marks obtained in the examinations as well as the general work and the progress of the year. Absentees in two of the three exams will not be considered for promotion. Those who are very weak both in Mathematics and English will not be considered for promotion.

    2. The minimum pass mark in each subject will be 40%.

    3. The minimum attendance required for promotion is 90%. The examination committee may condone 10% attendance for valid reasons.

    4. The result declared by the examination committee is final and cannot be reconsidered.

    5. A student who has failed twice in a class will not be permitted to continue his studies in the school.

    6. If a failed candidate wishes to continue his studies in the school he should report within three days of re-opening, failing which his name will be struck off the rolls.

    7. The progress report should be submitted to the class teacher on the re-opening day failing which his name shall not be entered in the attendance Roll.


    1. Application for withdrawal should bear parent's signature.

    2. The transfer certificate will be issued on full payment of all dues to the school.

    3. The names of those students who are absent for 5 days or more continuously without any leave application/information will be removed from the rolls.

    4. The names of those students who do not turn up within three days of the re-opening in April, June, October and January after long holidays will be removed from the rolls.

    5. The names of those students who do not clear school fees as per requirement will be removed from the rolls.

    6. If the continuation of a student would be injurious to other students or undermine the discipline and reputation of the school such a student will be dismissed from the school.

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