1. Students should reach school on time. Boys/girls who are late will be admitted to the class only with the permission of the Principal / Vice-Principal. Habitual late comers may be fined or may be asked to leave the school.

    2. Students must be clean and appear in full school uniform. Boys/girls without proper uniform will not be allowed into the class room. If for any valid reason a boy/girl doesn't have full uniform, a remark to this effect should be entered in the page assigned for Parent's Remarks in the Diary.

    3. The school diary should be brought to the school daily failing which a fine of Rs. 5/- will be charged. If the student loses the diary or defaces it a fine of Rs. 50/- will be levied.

    4. Application for leave should reach the Principal before the morning assembly.

    5. Students who absent themselves without leave shall produce the reason for being absent signed by the parents before being admitted to the class with the permission of the Prinicipal/Vice-Principal.

    6. Students who absent themselves with leave or without leave shall not enter the school premises on the day of absence without the prior permission of the Principal.

    7. If a student is absent for more than 5 days without written information to the school his/her name will be struck off the attendance register.

    8. All cycles must be locked and kept in the cycle stand. School will not be responsible for the loss of cycle. Riding cycle in the school campus is prohibited.

    9. Students are expected to take due care of the school property. Any damage done wilfully or accidently has to be made good either collectively or individually as the case may be.

    10. Students are not allowed to remain in the class room during the recess.

    11. Every student should take care of his / her belongings.

    12. Students are expected to take extreme care in keeping the school premises clean.

    13. Students are expected to sort out their problems, if any, in dialogue with the Prinicipal.

    14. Students are strictly forbidden to organise strikes or incite others to strike or bring any external influence affecting the normal running of the institution.

    15. Students shall abstain from any act which is likely to damage the reputation of the institution.

    16. Strict regularity, honesty, obedience, courtesy in speech and conduct, respect for school authorities and members of the staff should be the hallmark of students of Montfort Senior Secondary School.

    17. Students should not leave the school premises during the school hours without the permission of the Prinicipal.

    18. Students who expect to return late to their homes are responsible for informing their parents about it in advance.

    19. Unapproved books wrist watches, magazines or any other objects liable to prove a source of disturbance for the smooth running of the school should not be brought to the school.

    20. During the absence of the teacher from the classroom the student must obey the class monitor appointed to maintain good order.

    21. Students are required to maintain discipline in the bus.

    22. As per the CBSE norms, students are strictly forbidden to bring mobiles or ipods inside the school if these are recoursed from the school they will be handed our parents only end of that session.

    23. Students are forbidden to bring any harmful things such as crackers, weapons etc. in the school.


    1. Punishment is essential for the purpose of correction and for enforcing discipline.

    2. Persuasion and motivation, love and concern will be the first approach towards children.

    3. Inspite of the best of efforts, if a student doesn't show the desired change, he will be brought to the notice of the Principal for a just punishment.

    4. For serious offences a student may be suspended. It will not be for more than a month at a time. It is not necessary to give notice to the parents of erring students before suspension is ordered. However, suspension shall be followed by an enquiry and the parents informed.

    5. If a student, even after repeated suspensions, does not reform himself/herself he/she may be expelled.

    6. Disobedience to the clearly expressed order of the Principal or those authorized, writing on the walls, furniture and roads, defiance of authorities, insubordination, willful damage to the school property will attract expulsion from the school without any previous warning.

    7. Late comers will be allowed into the classes only after the first period in order to avoid disturbance in the class.

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