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Leaders play a vital role in the development and growth of every institution. Our school also gives an opportunity to nurture the leadership qualities in the students by giving very important responsibilities wherein we learn a lot for life. Our school has different leaders for different activities. First of all we have school leader who cooperates with administration to look into various things with regard to different activities. These students are in front to manage various programmes which are organized by the school therefore it is an excellent way of teaching the children how to handle a situation in a responsible manner. We have house leaders and their assistant leaders, Who are the responsible for maintaining discipline in school campus. The assembly of our school is conducted by the school leader and his assistant. These leaders take care of the discipline while they go to the class after the assembly and the breaks. They make sure that all the students do follow the rules and regulations of the school strictly. We also have the class monitors and assistants who take care of the class discipline in the class room. So the school tries its best to create great future leaders of our country.


School Leader:- Aditya Aryan - IX)
Assistant leader:- Anjali Kumari - (VIII)

Leader of Yellow house:- Pankaj Kumar - (IX)
Assistant leader:- Anushka Pathak - (VIII)

Leader of Red house:- Ritesh Kumar - (IX)
Assisstant leader:- Nandita Rani - (VIII)

Leader of Green house:- Saurbh Tiwari - (IX)
Assistant leader:- Rashmi Kumari

Leader of Blue house:- Satyam Pandey
Assistant leader:- Ritika Kumari

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