Science and Math Club

The club that makes science and math fun is called science and Math club. It is a great way to spark a child's interest in learning. The clubs give students a chance to question how or why things work and work towards solution.

The children should be taught to demonstrate academic standing in all course work and to enjoy the life enthusiastically.

The children learn to interact others with similar interests. They get a safe place to explore and discover, even for those who my not have strong support at home.

It helps students in future life as they are inspired to learn and they work enthusiastically. Thus science and Math club is very useful in students life.



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Committee Members

Teachers Incharge :
1) Mr. Vivek Kumar
2) Miss. Shikha
3) Mr. Anshuman
4) Miss. Sonal

Leader: Divyanshu (IX)

Assistant Leader: Anshita (IX)

Secretary: Gaurav Kumar VIII)

Student members of the club
1. Ritika (VIII)
2. Komal Kumari (VII)
3. Sidharth Pandey (VII)
4. Prateek Kumar (VI)
5. Diksha Raj (VI)
6. Ananya (V)
7. Arnav (V)
8. Harshita (IV)
9. Akash Kumar (IV)
10. Shreya Kumari (III)
11. Harsh Kumar (III)
12. Anshika Pandey (II)
13. Chaitanya (II)
14. Alok Pandey (I)
15. Ritwika (I)