Students are required to attend school in clean and complete uniform on all working days. Students, esp., the girls are not allowed to wear / bring ornaments to school and are forbidden to use make up (mehandi, nail polish etc.)


Blackish Navy Blue pants and Light Yellow shirt (Class I to VII) Formal Black leather shoes (School Shoes) with lace and white socks. School tie and School belt.


Blackish Navy Blue skirts / Tunic with box pleats and Light Yellow shirt with sleeves. Black leather shoes with buckles and White socks. School tie and School belt. Navy blue hair-ribbon / band.


Navy Blue Blazer ,Pullover, Muffler with school emblem. (Jackets of any type are not allowed)


Air force Blue Trousers (Boys) Blue skirts / Tunic(Girls) with T - Shirts of the respective House with School Emblem.

Students must wear this uniform on every Saturday.


    1. All the students will be issued an Identity Card by the school on payment of the requisite fee. This I. D. Card must be carried by each and every student while attending the school, commuting to and from on the bus while coming to the school or any school function.

    2. I. D. Card will be valid for only one Academic year.

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